Can I be present during the home inspection? : RealEstate

I’m not the owner, but I live in the house and I work from home. Ideally, I’d rather be able to stay in the house while the inspector does his thing so I’m not missing anymore work. The buyers will probably be there for the first hour or so. Would it be terribly rude if I ask them ahead of time if I can stay in the office with my two older dogs and move when he needs to inspect that room? If it matters, it’s a not-master-bedroom and the buyers have seen the house twice without anyone present.

I definitely won’t be interjecting any comments or following the inspector around. This house was a flip – no one is emotionally invested and I dont personally have anything to do with any negotiating or anything. I literally just want to catch up on work.

Is it rude to ask? I don’t want to make anyone feel unconfortable.

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