Our landlord hired a property manager to oversee our office building. We still receive all utility bills, that I scan and email to the property manager. None of them get paid on time and we’ve recurved multiple shut off notices. Shouldn’t the utility bills be managed by the property manager? : RealEstate

Not sure if this is the right sub, sorry if it’s not.

I’m the office admin. Our small company rents an office building, with all utilities included. Our landlord is elderly, so his son helped him hire a property manager to handle things. The contract started on 11/1.

Anyways, all of the utility bills are sent to the office. When they arrive, I scan and email them to the property manager. Not a SINGLE one has been paid on time. We’ve received multiple shut off notices for electric and water. Even the trash company. We’re currently in collections for pest control. I’m not sure what’s going on over there.

Anyways, the property managers won’t have the bills sent to them directly or switch the paperless billing. They haven’t even updated the contact information, so I’m stuck dealing with constant collection calls.

It doesn’t seem like the most efficient process, to have the tenants be the middle man and help manage paperwork. I’m also worried that if something does eventually get shut off that I’ll be involved in the whole mess. If we lost power for even a single day, it would be a disaster, and I don’t feel comfortable being involved in something like that whatsoever.

Is this normal? Do tenants usually receive utility bills and forward them to their landlords?

Thanks in advance!

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