Convert Your Women’s Shoe Size to Kids & Save on Sneakers

woman wearing white Vans kids shoes

Here’s a genius way to get women’s shoes for way less!

Do the prices of adult shoes leave you feeling not so skippy? I’m excited to share a little shopping hack to convert your women’s shoe size to kids and help you pay way less for your favorite kicks! 🙌

kids and youth shoe section at store with adidas and vans displayed

If you wear a women’s U.S. size 8.5 or smaller, you may be surprised to learn that you can shop in the youth section anywhere you go! Kid’s shoes not only tend to be less expensive than adult sizes, but you can also find similar (and even identical styles), often with additional color and fun design options available!

Here’s our women’s to kid’s shoe size conversion chart:

kids to adult shoe size conversion chart for women's shoes

As you can see by reading the chart I created, you simply subtract about 1.5 sizes from your women’s size and that will give you the correct conversion for the size you need to buy in the kids section. While all brands and sizes run slightly differently, this can be a great shopping guide until you’re used to buying in the youth department.

Unfortunately for men, this will only work if you’re sporting a size 7 or smaller and in that case, you’d shop for the same size, just in youth sizes.

Here are a few shoes you can buy right now using the women’s shoe size to kids conversion hack…

1. Adidas sneakers

holding adidas white kids sneakers

Total savings when shopping in youth section: $15

2. Madden Girl sandals

side by side stock photos of leather sandals

Total savings when shopping in youth section: $13

3. Nike sneakers

black and white nike sneakers sitting on orange bench in store comparing kids to adult shoe sizes

Total savings when shopping in youth section: $10

4. Van slip-on shoes

holding white vans slip on shoes

Total savings when shopping in youth section: $10

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