Our Honest Review of Gobble Meals – Ready in 15 Minutes?!

woman holding green Gobble meal box kit

Stressing over what to feed your family for dinner?

Having quick healthy meals prepped and ready to cook in the fridge is such a lifesaver on busy weekdays. I recently tried a meal delivery kit from Gobble and was super impressed with their 15 minute homemade meals!

unboxing meals from Gobble

The Gobble meals were delicious, and my favorite part was that I didn’t have to do any chopping or prep work. Most of the recipe meal boxes I have tried in the past required quite a bit of preparation, and often took 45-60 minutes to cook.

cooking a Gobble meal on the stove

After working all day on recipes as a food and DIY blogger here at Hip2Save (and Hip2Keto), and driving my kids all around town for sports, sometimes I don’t have any more creativity or the energy required to prepare a homemade meal for my family! I struggle with meal planning most of the time, actually.

gobble meals next to box in kitchen

With Gobble, all of the shopping, meal prep, and recipe development is all done for me, so I can easily serve up a meal in 15 minutes! Yes, 15 minutes! 👊 For me, this means fewer meals purchased from fast food restaurants – yippee!

Interested in trying Gobble?

Gobble is currently offering a box to try with 6 meals for just $36 delivered! Go HERE to sign up and grab your 3 meals with 2 servings each. That’s just $6 per serving!

lean and clean gobble meals in a cold box

Here’s how it Works –

After picking your meals on the Gobble website, all of the ingredients come delivered conveniently to your doorstep in an insulated box with freezer packs. Each meal has a separate bag with all the pre-chopped fresh ingredients, sauces, and a recipe card.

You can easily transfer the bags to your fridge and then prepare them at your leisure within 5 days. My recent box had three yummy recipes from the Lean & Clean options.

Gobble’s Lean and Clean meals have ingredients with lean proteins, healthy fats, and are under 600 calories per serving.

Here are the 3 meals that I received:

plate of seared flap steak from Gobble

Seared Flap Steak

This piece of tender steak came with a flavorful green curry coating and I pan-seared it on the stove in minutes. The slaw featured a mixture of green papaya, cabbage, and carrots, with serrano chiles for a spicy flavor. It was topped with toasted cashews and lime for a fresh and tasty dinner!

tuscan chicken breast meal on a plate from Gobble

Tuscan Chicken Breast

This yummy pan-cooked chicken breast was served over a bed of sauteed carrots, celery, swiss chard, and sundried tomatoes, and beans. Everything then gets topped with a flavorful rosemary herb butter, and was so delicious!

plate of cilantro basil pesto from Gobble

Cilantro Basil Salmon

This meal was my favorite and I’m definitely going to try and replicate the insanely delish cilantro basil sauce for this oven-baked salmon that took just 10 minutes to bake in the oven! The skillet cauliflower rice came together quickly and featured roasted bell peppers, peas, and toasted almonds. It was so GOOD!

tuscan chicken ingredients from Gobble

What I love about Gobble:

    • I liked that each meal has its own bag of separated ingredients so I don’t have to hunt them down for each recipe. The meat is delivered in sealed packaging too, so no leaking!
    • Each recipe really did take 15 minutes to prepare either on the stove or oven, with little to no prep.
    • The Gobble meals I have tasted have all been flavorful and delicious.
    • I love the option for Lean and Clean meals, as I have been trying to eat more fresh, whole, healthy foods.

I really can only think of one downside. The portions on a couple of meals have been a tad on the small side, so consider that if you have a super hungry teen or spouse.

girl giving thumbs up to a gobble meal

Overall, I really think you’re also gonna love these 15 minute gourmet style meals from Gobble. My family sure did enjoy them and trust me, they can be a little picky! 😂

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