WATCH: Know When To Work With Micromanaging Sellers And When To Walk Away

At Inman Connect New York, a duo of real estate veterans shared tips on dealing with type-A personalities and overbearing sellers.

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Every agent has a story about a picky, micromanaging, type-A seller who wants to be in control every step of the way.

At Inman Connect New York during a session called “Marketing a Home with a Micromanaging Seller,” a duo of real estate veterans shared tips for dealing with micromanaging sellers and when it’s time to walk away from a listing.

According to Sara Werner Costa, CEO of The Costa Group at Vanguard Properties, the first step is diagnosing if your seller is scared or, in actuality, just a jerk. If it’s the latter, it’s OK not to sign a listing agreement with that person because ultimately it could bog you down.

“I studied psychology, and the thing is, we have to tune in to our client’s needs,” Costa said. “A lot of time, they’re just fearful. They’re fearful of losing control. They’re fearful of things going wrong.”

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