Will hiring an architect make building my home cheaper? : RealEstate

So I would like to get a tiny home built next year, and all my options near me involve paying at least 60k for a tiny house. I don’t plan to be in this house longer than 4 years, and I just don’t know about putting doen that kind of investment if it’ll cost that much. I can do something like 30-40k, but 60-70 is asking a bit much. I began to wonder if hiring an architect can make the process cheaper?

I’ve seen the average quote for an architect ($5-8k), which seemed like a lot, but this article talks about how this European architect built a minimalistic but beautiful 1,100 sqft house for the equivolent of around 21,000 USD. It seems that it was done so by that architect knowing their materials and how to make something beutiful at the same time. At these tiny home building places, they give you pre-made plans to choose from, and if I were to find my own plans online and give it to a construction company, they’re going to just build with the materials they always use, but that aren’t necessarily cheaper(or if they are, you can’t gurantee that they’re sturdier). My SO and I are totally fine with this tiny home capping out at 800sqft. Can an architect (who I am willing to deeply research good ones im our city and not willing to cheap out on) help us make what we wan’t possible?

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