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(Sorry for the essay, TLDR at the bottom!)

Hey everyone,

I have a viewing booked for a flat tomorrow. The seller was waiting for offers before the look for a place so they know how much they’ll have.

I just received a call from the agent saying that is there any way I can do my viewing earlier as the seller has received an offer they like and have found a place they also like and don’t want to lose either. The agent described the offer as “strong”.

The property is a 2 bed flat, on the market at £450k (semi average for London), but can give me decent rental if I rent out the other room.

I feel like I can use my viewing, with the seller there, to an advantage, but I’m not sure how.

When I went to view it the first time, I noticed a couple of things that I would potentially want to use for negotiating, but this whole situation has thrown me. Mainly I noticed some noise coming from the taps, and the taps where not letting water run fully (maybe a blockage either from limescale or the plumbing? Surely shouldn’t happen in a ground floor flat, bad water pressure?).

When the agent called me, I asked him how much the offer was and he refused to tell me. I told him my max budget was £480k, to which he replied that that would be an OK amount (so the current offer is much less, say £460k?). I actually regret saying £480k as my real max for that flat is £460k, but I think I panicked on the phone.

Is there anyway I can use the seller being there tomorrow to my advantage? As well as trying to show them I’m serious and can definitely complete the sale, how else can I try and make the offer (and ideally get my discount!) without either coming across as sales-y to them, or potentially scaring them away?

TLDR: Second viewing tomorrow for a property with an offer the seller already likes. Is there a way I can use them being there to my advantage?

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