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If you don’t wear all of your jewelry and accessories round the clock — and all at the same time — you need somewhere to store them. But not all storage methods are equally kind to treasured pieces.

“We definitely see people who will just throw a chain into a bag, and it turns into a little mangled mess,” said Caitlin Mociun, a jewelry designer and the owner of Mociun, a jewelry and housewares store in Brooklyn. “When you’re not wearing it, it should be in a place where you’re taking care of it.”

For Ms. Mociun, that means storing jewelry in various ways, depending on the piece and how often she wears it. She keeps fragile, antique and particularly valuable pieces in their own boxes, in a safe. She stores everyday jewelry in a couple of large jewelry boxes. And she has a series of small ceramic containers throughout her home to temporarily hold whatever she’s currently wearing.

“I have a dish next to my sink, so I can take my rings off to go about my kitchen work,” she said.

Such a container, she added, can help prevent disaster: “Everyone’s heard of someone who has dropped a ring down the garbage disposal.”

Lacquer jewelry boxes with velvet interiors by Kathrin Dennig

$25 a set at MoMA Design Store: 800-851-4509 or

Ash-wood jewelry stand with lacquer details

From $19 at West Elm: 888-922-4119 or

Wood-and-metal storage box with slide-out compartments

About $60 from Amazon:

Container resembling stacked books, handmade in Italy

$525 at Scully & Scully: 800-223-3717 or

Velvet jewelry box with suede interior, brass details and removable tray

$975 at Aerin: 866-647-3330 or

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