Flat Fee MLS Listing – Feedback Anyone? : RealEstate

Recently someone on NextDoor mentioned/implied/opined that if a house is listed through a discount broker – or flat fee MLS listing service etc. – even if they are offering a full 3% buyer’s side commission – It’s on the MLS, but many agents will deliberately not show the home. Is it true? Are these types of listing “blackballed”? Please comment if you have actual experience as a former agent (for instance). Are memos sent out to pass over these kinds of listings? Or is this just paranoia?

Of course with the internet smart buyers can find houses they like and ask to see – but just trying to help a friend decide if they should try the flat fee service or something more full service? (Assuming for flat fee the seller will use an attorney for the negotiation/transaction and can provide top quality images and stage their house like a model on their own)

On the surface it appears the seller’s side agent doesn’t do much other than sit back and wait for the house to sell and collect a 3% check. BUT – if flat fee listings do get shoved to the bottom of the round file – there may be no avoiding it. What’s the true story? Is there a silent mandate to black out these types of listings? It may vary by region or even town, who knows.

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