Waiving Appraisal Contingency – Am I Completely Missing Something?? : RealEstate

Have 150k down payment in HYSA, looking at houses in the 450-600k range, and have household 175 – 225k income depending on bonuses.

We are in a very very hot market, that isn’t looking to change anytime soon as more HQs relocate here and continue to bring thousands of employees. So essentially I have to buy now or be priced out forever. To help make my non-cash offer stand out, I am thinking about waiving appraisal contingencies as I have a good feel for comps and don’t really care what the appraisers say. I’m viewing this as an actual long term home and not <5 year hold. If the appraisers come in 10k below list, I do not care at all as long as we can get a nice house within 30 min commute to downtown. Am I missing something here? I’ve read a few topics here where people warn against it, and could somehow be out of pocket additional money?

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