Buyer found some sewer cracks

Hi all,

I think we listed my home just slightly too high to start with. With 5 days on the market we had a total of 36 showings plus an open house with 150+ people in attendance and mostly positive feedback. That said, we just had one offer at the five day mark. It was a lowball offer and we negotiated them up to the halfway point (4% under list) just for the sake of getting it wrapped up, even though we’re under no pressure to sell ASAP, it’s just stressful.

Anyway, the buyer did all the inspections and the only thing they found was moderate cracking in the short section of pipe that joins my property’s sewer main to the city sewer. It is not causing an issue at present. We have quoted it out and so far the cheapest is that it is $5200 to fix.

Is this something that needs to be fixed now, or really just monitored? I am likely to instruct my realtors to convey to the buyer I won’t come down any more and am just fine with relisting at lower than originally and finding another buyer and staying more firm on my asking price, but I welcome thoughts on the reasonableness of that.

Text from report:

“The sewer pipe inspected today, there is some structural concern at the city sewer connection. There is some heavy cracking starting to happen and over time these cracks will worsen with settling in the ground. This pipe is still holding shape at this point so I do recommend a consultation with a pipe lining company. A pipeliner could potentially seal up this section and add a protectant layer to the inside of your pipe. Other than this area the city sewer connection, I saw no other structural concerns. This line had good pitching as there is a small stream of water all the way to the city sewer connection. I see no need for drain cleaning today. My only other recommendation would be to refrain from flushing any items like flushable wipes, tampons, paper towels and dental floss. Those items can stick to the sidewalls and potentially cause a backup.”


Edit: issue is shown and described at 2:55 on in the video.

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