Sellers realtor being shady : RealEstate

First time home buyer(in AR) working with realtor for our home. Found one we love. Listed for $199,900 and we offered $197,000 at first then $200,000. We wanted a quick close and move in ASAP. We put in that the offer expires Monday at 5pm.

Our first offer that was submitted was $197,000 on the 2 day of it being listed (Saturday) received a call Sunday that “someone else put in an offer” we talked and sent in an offer of $200,000. Never told what the other offers were. Sellers agent told our agent it was a really good offer. (Sunday).

Today(Monday) is when our contract was set to expire and did. Our realtor called and texted other realtor at 12pm. No response. At 2 tried again. Then calls the office of the sellers realtor at 4:30 and asks to speak with her. She told my realtor that a new offer was in that was “thousands more” than ours.

I am beyond mad because there was no communication from her. And the comps in the area were sold around $197,000 so it didn’t make sense to us why someone else would bid higher than $200,000.

So is this normally how this works? Could she lie just to get us to increase our offer? Is there any way to find out the other offer?

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