Please tell me if I’m overreacting here

Last Wednesday I sent a CC authorization form to my lender for an appraisal this week in the amount of $435. I checked my bank account Friday and saw two charges of $475 from different appraisal companies. I contacted my lender and was informed by an employee there that the second charge is because they chose a different appraisal company but didn't inform me, he was apologetic. I also noted that it was more than the amount I signed off for, again he apologized and told me they'd write me a check for the $40 difference.

I then sent an email to my realtor, the employee I spoke with and the owner of the mortgage company recapping the one refund of $475 and the check for $40. The owner then interjects to say I will receive the $475 refund but that the amount was merely an estimate and "You will be refunded one of the appraisals but not any difference on the 2nd appraisal ordered."

I respond that that is not the amount I agreed to and that his employee already agreed to pay me back the $40, "Are you not going to honor that?"

He then responds "I PERSONALLY WILL SEND YOU A CHECK FOR THE $40 I am trying to help get you in a home as I said lenders don't do loans usually this small but I want to help you."

I know I'm buying a place for under 80k and that he's not making much off of this but I'm pissed. Not only did they double charge me but they overcharged me. I'm working on switching lenders (the closing is a month away), am I being too reactive? I don't even want this dude to get the little bit of money he's getting from me. They fucked up and now he's making it seem like he's doing me a favor.

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