CityPass: Save 50% on Seattle’s Top 5 Attractions

Spring break is coming up in a couple months…have you made your plans yet? If you’re thinking of staying home, why not become a tourist in your own city? CityPASS is a great way to save on otherwise difficult-to-save-on attractions. When you buy a CityPASS, you’ll get access to Seattle’s top attractions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pay $99 for an adult CityPASS or $79 for a child’s CityPASS
  • Visit the attractions in any order
  • You have 9 days to use the Pass from the first attraction you see

So you might be curious to know which attractions are included for the city of Seattle.

Incidentally, CityPASS offers similar passes for other major US cities including Chicago, New York City, Houston, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, and more! This is something to consider if you are planning to visit one of these destinations.

Head to CityPASS to learn more and purchase your Seattle CityPASS!

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