Level of noise?

I currently live in a house on the side of a mountain. The house has got really great sound and thermal insulation because it was built a few years ago with great materials.

I’m thinking of buying an apartment in a small town and found one that I like (I will probably visit it for the first time next week).

I have seen it from the outside. It’s right off a main road but surrounded by lots of trees and bushes. The garden is facing away from the road. It’s a ground floor apartment with lots of windows.

The whole house was built probably 30 years ago and the apartment was renovated 10 years ago.

What are the best ways of checking whether the noise levels are ok, both from neighbors and the street? I was thinking of visiting several times during midday and rush hour and in the evening.

The apartment is cheaper than what I can invest, so I can do some insulation repairs. What are the best techniques?

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