Buying a house through Opendoor

First time home buyer here. The market is hot for sellers and we’ve been in multiple offer situations on every bid (and lost).

We finally found a house. It had been on the market just a few weeks, but it had everything we were looking for (large backyard, master, kitchen, and built in 2016).

We’re using VA and don’t have much cash to play with, so our offer was at list price + $3K in seller credits so we could buy new appliances (the house doesn’t have a w/d and fridge). Got a counter for the due diligence period to be shorter and for the credit to be $1,700, and we accepted.

Inspection found some minor issues, but the biggest issue was the AC/heat not being functional, although it might be due to them trying to install a new thermostat. We put that along with 11 other things on the repair list that we submitted last night.

Yesterday our appraiser issued a tidewater. OD sent over some comps from recent sales and some additional support, but my agent said everything is below the list price. Our agent let OD know that we don’t have any room to play around and that whatever number the appraiser comes back with is going to be the most we can do.

Anyway, that’s the bare bones of what is happening, but is there any due diligence I should be doing in regards to buying through OD? I’ve seen so many stories online and on here and just want to make sure I am not being screwed.

Thanks everyone!

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