Calling all realtors! You think I’d be able to get a place for $20,000 under asking? : RealEstate

TL;DR— wondering just how critical location is when negotiating price with a seller?

Hi friends, I’m back to ask a lengthy question. My partner and I are first time homebuyers, we are in the preapproval process, and we have everything else dialed… just have to get our budget. I’ve been looking well under what I believe we’ll get approved for and I finally found a wonderful house that my husband and I BOTH agree on!! Yippee! ‘Twas a feat. The major downside is that the location is bad literal garbage. It’s very clear they have done a recent total overhaul on the house. New: fence, drywall, windows, roofing, and custom built kitchen cabinets. They definitely want this house to sell! They have it listed for $318,000… which is reasonable for the acutal house but it’d right next to a junkyard, one block off of the busiest street in my city, and right across from a Reservoir that has a HUGE homeless / tweaker population. The house has been listed for 202 days. here is the house. My realtor is my Mother, and she hates the house and won’t even entertain the idea, really…. so.. that’s why I’m asking here. I’m really wondering if we could get it for under $300,000…

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