Tostitos Is Selling a Creamy New Avocado Salsa Dip

Tostitos Avocado Salsa

Dip your chip into this new salsa from Tostitos!

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Tostitos has released a brand new salsa perfect for pairing with the brand’s famous tortilla chips. Tostitos Avocado Salsa is a creamy new dip that’s made with real avocados and chunks of garden vegetables like green tomatoes, peppers, and onions!

2 jars of Tostitos Avocado Salsa

Although it’s relatively new and still fairly hard to find, early fans of this highly-rated dip claim that it was worth going out of their way to get it. We were able to track it down at our local grocery store, and you may also be able to find it at a Walmart near you. Happy dipping!

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