30/35 year loan advice : RealEstate

So Im looking at my 2nd property and was told I could get a loan of 300,000 for max 35 years at 4%.

Using a mortgage calculator, other costs notwithstanding, I would have to pay $1,328.32/month for a 35 year loan. Or $1432.25/month for a 30 year loan.

In general I do subscribe to the get max year loan policy, but I wanted to know if there is any benefits to a 5 yr shorter loan for a small difference. Should I just default to max years always when investing in property for max cashflow?

Im looking for general ideas, not specific to this situation. Thanks.

Notes: Not in USA. Numbers are not in USD. I hold property for 4-7 years then sell. Will have 3+ months salary liquid after this purchase.

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