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Hi guys! We are closing on our house on March 4th and want to shop around for title services. Some info: new construction, using builder’s mortgage company (but confirmed with them that any free upgrades/closing assistance/etc comes from using the mortgage services, not settlement services), not using a realtor, moving to a new city where we don’t know many people but I’m not opposed to posting on that city’s subreddit asking for title company recommendations.

We mentioned to our LMO that we were considering shopping for these services. Both she and the seller advised us against it (but they both work for the builder). She told us that whoever we hire for this will be the company actually doing the closing and giving us the keys.

Our loan estimate says we can shop for:

  • Title – closing protection letter borrower

  • Title – deed preparation

  • Title – lender’s title insurance

  • Title – settlement fee And owner’s title insurance isn’t under what we can shop for, but I’m guessing we can.

We aren’t necessarily looking for the cheapest – if the builder’s prices are close to quotes we get, we’ll stick with them. But just want to see what else is out there.

So when searching/googling for these services, what kind of company am I looking for? I have found only one “title & settlement company” but several closing companies and closing attorneys. Will we need to go to several different providers to shop for everything or will any of these provide all services, including selling us the owner’s ins?

Thanks for any help!!

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