Trying to sell house to current renters

So I have this property which I am looking to sell for fair market appraised value to the tenants that currently occupy the home. Mind you they are really good renters and so I have been undercharging them for years since they upkeep the house well and I am still making a small profit each month after paying the mortgage and other fees.

Last year I tried to offer to sell them the house because they have been wanting to buy it pretty much since they moved in. Well after some back and forth they asked to push the sale back by an entire year so that they could prepare to buy by paying off debts and other stuff. Now here it is, a year later and I am offering to sell it to them again, for the same price as a year ago. They went and got a contract signed up and snail mailed to me which would be great except they are trying to be shady as they have been for pretty much the whole time they’ve lived there.

-They already got a $3000 check from me (and the home insurance) for a new roof they absolutely had to have that they have yet to actually use for a new roof. Its been like 6 months since they cashed the check. I DO have a check back to me for this cost sitting waiting for me to cash it if necessary.

-This current contract is $15k less than the appraised value but theyre trying to be sneaky about it by having the price look the same but with a buyer’s rebate attached.

-They literally signed and filed a sales contract a year ago and used their $1200 deposit as earnest money before backing out 2 days later. I still let them keep the $1200 as their deposit.

-This whole ordeal was supposed to be easy and quick where we both got a good price and could walk away happy. They wouldnt have to move out and I wouldnt have to pay a sales commission to a real estate agent.

-They keep being all “woh is me the house is going to be so expensive to pay the mortgage on” even though I have mentioned on several occasions that if they could not buy the house they could continue renting indefinitely (but that I would probably raise the rent a little bit). They insist on buying it anyway.

BOTTOM LINE: I still want to sell the house, it is worth quite a bit in equity and I will need the money for our new house we are moving into that was build in the 70’s and needs some repairs and updating. Should I get a broker or somebody to negotiate for me? (I live in a different state currently so its a pain to do on my own). Should I put it on the market and let them compete with everybody else? Should I keep trying to negotiate on my own and save myself the fees?

If you have any tips or advise I’d be grateful. The home for sale is in Idaho if that matters.

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