7 essential productivity tools (w/ scripts)

It was only a few years ago that people would gather around a conference table with a device like this in the middle:

Old conference phone

That way an entire group of people could talk with others no matter where they were in the world.

The really fancy rooms even had monitors with video so everyone could see whoever they were calling.

The quality wasn’t always the best. Video feeds cut out. People inched closer to the phone in order to talk and they would still sound fuzzy.

Things have changed.

Now team members working remotely can effectively communicate with each other with just a laptop from a coffee shop. The sound and video quality are also top-notch.

And many other tools have come along so you don’t even need to dial in and use video to collaborate on things anymore.

Here are 7 key tools we use at IWT to run a multimillion-dollar business that works completely remotely with dozens of employees in 23 states and 6 countries.

NOTE: Here at IWT, we are big believers in working from home. In fact, our entire company works remotely.

That’s why I wrote an entire free Ultimate Guide to Working From Home to help anyone who wants to work remotely:

  • Convince their boss to let them telecommute
  • Find a new work from home job (and get hired for it)
  • Start freelancing online on the side (or go full-time doing it)
  • Or start an online business that allows them to work anywhere in the world

This blog post covers some of the essential tools, but I dive much deeper in my Ultimate Guide to Working From Home, so make sure you grab the free PDF.

7 essential productivity tools for working remotely

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