[AU] Question on NBN Connection : RealEstate

Just wondering with the mix of technology available, I’m looking at buying/building a house and we’ve been writing off FTTN and FW suburbs, mainly for speed and latency issues.

Only been looking at FTTP/FTTC suburbs, now my understanding is that if I’m in an FTTC suburb I can pay to have the lead in made to FTTP if building, now would the cost be similar for FTTP/FTTC if I’m building if I chose an FTTP connection in an FTTC suburb versus a FTTP connection in an FTTP suburb?

As really it’s the difference of running copper or fibre to the connection on the footpath? Or is it a whole new fibre run from the exchange even if there’s already fibre in the pit?

A few more people are saying if I live in an FTTC suburb, I’ll be benefiting my neighbours if I run FTTP, which I’m not sure exactly how they’d benefit from that down the like, as I’m not building any infrastructure to them, just me.

Lastly, I’ve been told it would not increase the property value one iota going FTTP over FTTC, is this true? It’s been a big thing on our tickbox when househunting the ADSL/FW/FTTN/FTTC/FTTP curve of suburbs we have looked at.

A couple of homeowners have been amazed that we’d walk out on a FW or ADSL property because of the connection.

Am I being touchy? Or a Millennial? Or is this a silly concern? Or is this just something the market hasn’t caught up with?

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