Recently purchased a house, sellers claimed no water issues, a week after closing and the basement floods. What are my options? : RealEstate

I purchased a house and closed in October 2019 . Seller did not disclose any water issues and I specifically asked them if there were any because some drywall in the basement looked newly patched. A few days before closing and the Home Insurance company tells me that there was a previous claim on the house in March 2019 for replacing drywall in the basement due to water damage, when i asked him to clarify he said he can’t tell exactly what it was for? The week after closing it rains and the basement floods.

I was finally able to get a plumber to come out and scope the sewer line in November and they found the sewer line was completely broken in multiple places under the house leading to the street. As I had to move in my family in December I had to start work right away as any daily use water would cause flooding. $20k+ bill later and im wondering if there is any recourse I can take against the sellers or even the inspector who wasn’t able to find any signs of water despite every plumber I had come by tell me “did you not have an inspector come in here? all this is not right…” about multiple issues including water damage.

The real estate lawyer I used for closing is not responding to my emails or returning my calls, could he just not want to deal with this?

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