Are advice posts allowed for new comers into Real Estate? : RealEstate

As the title says, I’m a 21 year old and am starting my real estate class in just a few days, and in a little over 2 months I will be getting my license and I’m very excited. That being said, I’m wondering what is some advice you guys could give me for getting started in Real Estate?

I thought about going to some open houses and asking the realtors there for advice in person but kind of feel that that may not be a very good thing to do because they’re there to show a house and meet potential clients and not give advice to a kid on how to get his feet wet.. how would some of you felt if a newbie came to your open house and instead of being there for the house starting asking you to give them advice? Idk, I think I would be a little annoyed and so that’s why I’m not pursuing that at the moment..

Would it be wise to contact listing agents and ask them for advice that way? Again, I feel they would be annoyed because they’re hoping to meet potential clients and if they see an email asking for advice then they’ll probably ignore it.

I figured posting here may be a good thing to do as it’s a lot easier to get replies almost instantly and start up a conversation with quick replies, and hopefully posts like these are allowed, I’m really excited to get my career started, and I figure if I can learn from others mistakes now then I won’t make those and will get a little bit of a head start in my career.

Thanks in advance, and if these posts aren’t allowed then mods feel free to delete it!

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