I didn’t know registering my name at new home construction sites (w/out my agent) would void my realtor and force me to use the builders agent. Is there a way around this?? : RealEstate

Back story: Husband and I have been looking to purchase a home w/ no permanent date in mind. We’ve casually looked at both new and older homes to see what we liked and recently contacted a real estate friend of ours for small insights and inquires here and there. No we haven’t signed a broker-buyer agreement. Which I had no idea about until I began reading up about this. Buuuut, without a doubt, he is our go-to man when we do finally start to get serious about it. Fast forward to a year later, we now feel ready to begin the whole buying process. Soooo we texted our friend and told him about a new construction we were looking at earlier that day, and how much we liked it, and are willing to move forward with everything. He was telling us great! but also mentioned that he hopes that we didn’t register our name when went to view the models…..

FACE PALM YALL. We’ve been going around to all these new communities registering my name and what not like dumb clueless floosies. This whole time, I thought it’s purpose was to just record the foot traffic they were getting!! No one ever said anything about builder/realtor agent representation or anything. Which IMO is a sneaky ass mf trick they keep up their sleeves.

SO. I just wanted to know if there’s any way around this. Some kind of loophole maybe? We plan on purchasing with my husband, mine, and my father in laws name if that would make a difference. Does the registering of my name ever expire? Would switching names make a difference? Because I have always only used my name, neither my husbands or FIL when registering. 😅

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