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Most of you do it with the same integrity, gusto, empathy and smarts that you did 10 years ago. That’s why most people will need you long into the future.

Over the past decade, real estate has undergone some big shifts, but one thing that has not changed is the relationship that we have with our homes.

A home is the most significant thing that we own. It is not merely an investment like a stock or a bond and not a depreciating asset like a car or a boat. A home does not have a limited useful life, and it does not become a fad that we can live without.

Homes are where we feast, enjoy and grow and where we experience the most exciting and sometimes troubling events in our lives. They are something we pass down, something we treasure, protect and care for. They are the coveted place where our friends and family gather. At home, we can say and do what we want. We can dance naked in the living room, sob uncontrollably in the kitchen or sing an operetta at the top of our lungs in the foyer.

To invade the privacy of our homes, law enforcement must present an airtight case to get a search warrant. Outside of our homes, personal privacy has been compromised. We are tracked by video networks, and facial recognition software identifies us.

And with a smartphone, any stranger can snap a video of our actions. New home technologies can also be invasive, but we have the power to prevent such intrusions in our homes, not elsewhere.

We walk down the street next to strangers and sit near people who we do not know in restaurants and cafes. At home, we only let people in who we trust and who we care about. They can crawl into our beds, blow off steam on the stoop, laugh loudly in the hallway and brew in the basement.

Since the beginning of humankind, like food and water, our very existence depends on the safety and security of our homes.

Realtors are entrusted with making homes happen. And most of you do it with the same integrity, gusto, empathy and smarts that you did 10 years ago. That is why most people will need you long into the future.

You don’t hawk credit swaps on Wall St., peddle opiates or sell guns. Instead, you make it possible for people to own a home, the freest and safest place on the planet in 2020. Pat yourself on the back.

Happy New Year!

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