Buying new home : RealEstate

So we have a house currently, and due to lack of bedroom space primarily we will need a new home, as we are expecting baby number 3 now.

We are meeting with a realtor next week, but I’m just trying to go over our options right now. The other kids are 2 and 1,and wife and I are busy as shit. When I have a day off, I clean, but due to the nature of small children it doesn’t stay that way. Honestly, I just can’t imagine any situation in which I can keep this house permanently presentable.

When we got this house we both worked. At the moment, I have a slightly better job, but wife is an intern in a masters program.

What steps are likely here? I don’t know how this stuff works, but is it possible the bank will give me a second, temporary mortgage? We got savings enough for a second 20% down payment on a house. It would just be so much simpler to buy a house, move, and then sell this one. Will we even be able to get another mortgage given we only have one paycheck at the moment? Alternatively, we could move in with my mom for a month or 2,and try to sell and buy concurrently so we don’t have to move all our junk twice. But, I mean, if I could avoid living with my mother that’d be great. If I get everything spick and span for an open house or 2,is that enough?

Just trying to get my mind straight on what to expect here.

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