Vacating my rented room without notice? (UK) : RealEstate


Not sure if this is the correct place to address this question but I couldn’t find a more appropriate subreddit. Feel free to direct me to the right section if I did!

I`m currently on a contract with my landlord that was for 3 months and I`ve been staying here for about an year so I`m already on “periodic tenancy”, which means I have to give 1 month notice before ending the agreement. I`m due to pay my rent in a couple of days since it’s the beginning of the new month and I have half a rent in my landlord as a deposit. My question is – if I just up and left right now and left them the deposit without paying the upcoming month, am I liable or is it completely legal to sacrifice your deposit like that without giving them notice? I did a viewing earlier today and I really liked the new room, I don’t want to miss it in case they don’t want to wait a month for me.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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