Setting expectations with realtor. : RealEstate

Looking to buy a house soon. Unfortunately I’ve had a few horrible experiences in the past with realtors. The first one being when I helped a family member sell her home. We had a realtor that was incredibly brash and forceful who pushed us into doing renovations that were absolutely not needed. I then rented a house from a realtor who broke our leases to sell the house. Had a few more less than pleasant experiences since then with realtors. Anyway l’m at the point in my life now that I’m looking to buy a house. We’re looking for a farm and I am in no rush to buy the first house I see. At this point, I have no tolerance for anyone who is pushy or wants to make a quick commission. I’m looking for someone with patience. I can do all the legwork and research on land and mineral rights, etc. I need someone who has our best interest and to help us through the process and show us the houses. So my question is how do I set this expectation up front. I’m sure I will speak with realtors and state this during a face to face meeting. But how do I also convey this in writing such that I have an out of the buyer realtor contract if there is any sort of disagreement.

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