Looking for advice on a house listing : RealEstate

Hello everyone,

Here’s the backstory.

I moved into my spouse’s house with her. My house has been listed since October 1, 2019. It has had many viewings and one offer that fell through. It is priced below the assessed value as it is. It’s a smaller home, all appliances included, brand new furnace, hot water tank, washer and dryer. New shingles, new electrical, new plumbing. The listing is at $169,900 CAD. We get very harsh winters here, and it is generally slow for real estate.

My listing is set to expire December 31, 2019. My agent suggests we relist in January for $159,900. That seems insanely low for the house. I believe he thinks I’m desperate to sell. I’m not desperate, but it would be nice if it was gone. My cashflow is very healthy. Currently it is being rented to a family member for about half of the total monthly cost.

The lowest I will list at is $164,900. But, would it be in my best interest to take it off the market until the spring? This way my family member has a place to stay for a little while, and the mortgage is getting paid down more. This will also reduce my mortgage termination fee as I will be terminating early.

Thank you in advance.

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