Star Wars Millenium Falcon Ice Cream Sandwiches Spotted at Kroger

hand holding box of Millenium Falcon Ice Cream Sandwich on Kroger cart

Grab an ice cream sandwich from out of this galaxy!

Head to your local grocery store where you may find these fun Millenium Falcon Ice Cream Sandwiches!

These sweet treats have two Millenium Falcon cookies with light vanilla ice cream in the middle. They would be so much fun for Star Wars themed birthday parties!

Star Wars Ice Cream Sandwiches

We spotted these at our local Kroger for $5.99 a box when purchased with a store card or $6.99 regularly. We haven’t seen any coupons for these yet but we’ll keep an eye out. Note that these are limited edition so you may want to check your local store soon to see if they have them!

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