Merry Christmas From Your Friends at Hip2Save

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I can’t believe it’s already Christmas! 🎅

Ever since we started diving into all things Black FridayCyber Monday back at the beginning of November, the time has just flown by. The deals have been coming out like crazy, and staying on top of all the madness has made Christmas seemingly come out of nowhere!

If you’ve been following Hip2Save for a while, you know that Christmas day is the ONLY day of the year that our site completely shuts down, so our amazing team can relax and celebrate the joyous holiday with their family and friends.

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While we’re taking the day off from Hip2Save, I’d like to acknowledge YOU—our readers, our community, our reason we wake up each morning invigorated to get to work. Without each and every one of you, this site that started as a passion project would not have grown into one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, and exciting elements of my life. ❤️

I hope that you join us in taking a break from our screens to give our full selves to the ones we love around us and enjoy a very Merry Christmas.

I live to share deals and frugal lifestyle tips but I appreciate this temporary halt because it allows me to focus on the spirit of the season—counting my blessings, spending time with loved ones, and spreading joy.

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That said, this is also a time to reflect on the year that’s passed and what’s to come. Given there is quite a bit of shopping and spending that surrounds this time of year, I like to remember how far I’ve come financially from my spiral into $40K of credit card debt and how those little pieces of paper known as coupons helped dig me out.

Speaking of finances, have you signed up for our FREE 10-Week Financial Boot Camp? We created this to help readers (and as a refresher course to myself) learn how to live fully while being frugal. It truly captures why it is HIP2SAVE!

While reflecting on the past year (and past 11 years at that) and looking at the year ahead, here are my biggest takeaways from becoming frugal and financially sound.

1. Learning how to save is not as intimidating as it seems.

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Listen, if I can do it, anyone can do it! Many of you know my struggles during those difficult school-age years, so learning the ropes of couponing and deal shopping was a huge win for me! We strive to make Hip2Save so user-friendly that everyone can easily save with our deals.

Once you realize there are ways to save all around you, you’ll wonder why you EVER paid full price for anything!

2. Frugality is HIP and shouldn’t be frowned upon.

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Saving in different areas of my life allows me to splurge on the things that are important, like time with my family or being able to help others. Even my kids have learned the value of time together over material things. And while I love to vacation with my loved ones, that doesn’t mean I’m not trying to find the best way to save on our travels!

3. Pride is in the thrift store bag, not the flashy car.

collin's weekly deal roundup — piper looking at products on shelf at the thrift store

I remember when my sweet Ma had taken me into a thrift store but told me to never let anyone know we shopped there, out of embarrassment of our frugality.

I always think back on that moment since I now carry around a thrift store find as a badge of honor. Plus the benefits of purchasing secondhand offer way more than the risk of hurting my pride. It’s cost-effective, recycles materials for less waste, and let’s face it—kids grow out of clothes just way too fast!

If you ask me, shopping at thrift stores is the HIP way to shop! 😎

4. The Joneses’ don’t have it all.

(Pictured – my family and I dressed up in pajamas on Christmas Eve 2018. No, these aren’t matching pajamas, but clearance pajamas! 🤗)

I had always wanted to keep up with the material trends around me until I realized having a brand new flashy car or the latest fashions does NOT prove anything. You can keep all the flair, Joneses! Having my finances in order and being able to show my kids the importance of a smart, saving-oriented lifestyle is so much more worthwhile.

5. Empowering yourself empowers others.

hip2save team at retreat

Since starting Hip2Save, I’ve hired so many incredible individuals, including both of my sisters and my brother-in-law! I couldn’t be more proud of how much our Hip2Save team has grown and the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Knowing they’re passionate about a job that not only embodies their frugal lifestyle, but also helps them provide for their families, is such a rewarding takeaway of starting this Hip2Save journey 11 years ago!

Collin Excited About Deals

Anyone can live an extraordinary life on an ordinary budget!

Having the opportunity to share my story of how I found myself in debt, learned to become a smarter shopper, and realized the amazing takeaways from my whole experience has been an enlightening experience.

Thank you to all of you who have followed along with the site and strive for a frugal lifestyle as well! I wish you the Merriest Christmas, and hope you enjoy the holiday with the ones you love. ❤️

collin wearing christmas tree costume and ma in elf suit with christmas presents

✨🎄  Merry Christmas from Hip2Save!  🎄✨

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