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I am a veteran in Los Angeles and was thinking about utilizing my status to snag a home on a VA loan.


I’ll know what I’m prequalified for the day after Christmas.

They told me that I don’t have to put down a down payment, pay a monthly amount for not putting a down payment, have a low interest rate, and that there won’t be any fees for the paperwork, but since it’s a VA loan I’d have to live on the property for at least a year before renting out. Or I can buy a duplex, live on one unit and rent out the other as long as I live on the property for one year.

I wanted to know if any tips you guys would recommend for a beginner?

Should I look to get a license? And if so by who? In person or online? What to look into when buying a home?

I’m 23 and this would be my first home purchase.

Thanks for all the information!

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