Last-Minute Gift Idea: Top 20 Most-Wanted Gift Cards This Year (+ FREE shipping by Christmas!)

T-minus 2 days until Christmas – are you thinking about just giving gift cards to the rest of the people on your list? Well, I have absolutely no qualms about giving (or receiving, for that matter) gift cards for Christmas. In fact, I think that a well-chosen gift card can be a very thoughtful gift, especially for someone who has difficulty spending money on himself/herself (ahem, me).

In fact, I just ordered a Lowe’s gift card for my mother-in-law so she can buy some new paint for her kitchen (this was on her wish list). I also bought my sister a gift card to her favorite bar/restaurant and my father-in-law a gift certificate to a hot dog/ice cream shop.

If you’re not sure what gift cards your recipients might be interested in, here’s a Top 20 list of the most-wanted gift cards this year along with links for you to purchase them from the comfort of your own home:

  • Amazon: instant delivery (email or print at home) or free 1-day shipping in a greeting card or in a gift box
  • VISA: also available on Amazon
  • Walmart: e-gift cards available
  • Target: email or mobile delivery by Christmas
  • iTunes: e-gift cards available

Just a heads up: Amazon has a number of other gift cards available (not necessarily at a discount, but still with free 2-day shipping). Some ideas: Cold Stone Creamery, Ulta Beauty, Lowe’s, Airbnb, AMC Theatres, Wendy’s, Applebee’s, Petco, Nike, and more.

Thanks to WalletHub for this awesome list!

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