We hired an agent to help us find a home to rent in LA while we wait for 2019 taxes and aim to save and hunt for a home in 2020. It’s been three months and a lot of weeks with very little contact, should we just do it ourselves? how do we get a rental from across the state? : RealEstate

In the past I’ve rented really crappy apartments for a thousand a month from a distance it was no problem but now my partner and myself trying to find a house to rent in LA from Sacramento and neither of us have time to take off work to go hunt for houses on the renters showing schedules.

So after a trip that was mostly bust we asked an agent for help finding a place and signed a contract. That was three months ago.

There’s nothing wrong with our income, credit scores are amazing etc. but we need to get down to LA or pretty soon we’ll be paying for hotel rooms for work and events we need to attend in January.

Is there another way to do this? All the home owners I’ve called that are renting say that we have to come see the place before applying etc. and we haven’t heard from the agent in a week and a half since we were supposed to get an application for a rental and never did. I don’t like to be rude but feel like we’re getting screwed and don’t see why that’s a win for the agent that we haven’t got a place yet..

Thank you for your time

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