Commercial Real Estate vs Sole Agent for Foreclosures

The title gives a good idea of my good but tricky predicament.

I have a family friend who does very well for himself in the CRE industry has a job at one of the big 4 firms. Just recently he received another promotion that he was not looking to accept until they gave him the option to form a team under him. He wants me to come and shop around the office see if I like the vibe and has guaranteed me an interview.

I also have a meeting with a mortgage banks subsidiary brokerage firm this week. They created this to sell the residential properties that were in foreclosure. There is currently only one other person who runs this in my area (a well populated city on the east coast). The average listings received per month are around 8-10 on autopilot. I will only be receiving about 25% commission from these sales but it is a very consistent stream and an average 1 family goes for ~$500.

I would just like some advice or insight into my situation as it’s quite a unique one. I tried to not give any company names away for job sake. I also understand that the CRE is not a guaranteed job but from the looks of it they’re letting him hand pick his team which is good for me. TIA.

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