Now K-Cups Come in Hostess Twinkies and Other Classic Flavors

Twinkies with K-cup

Now you can buy K-Cups flavored like your favorite Hostess treats!

Hostess is partnering with Victor Allen’s Coffee to create pastry-flavored coffee, cappuccino, and hot cocoa K-Cups that were inspired by its beloved treats. The new K-Cups come in fun flavors like Twinkies, Ding Dongs, SnoBalls, and Honeybuns, and they’re available from coffee retailer

Hostess K-Cups

When you sign up for a coffee pod subscription from Victor Allen, you’ll save 20% off your monthly order. If you’d like to skip the auto-renewal after your initial order, you can end your subscription by navigating to “My Account,” clicking on “Subscriptions” and selecting the subscription you wish to cancel.

Hostess K-Cup Variety Pack

For a limited time, you can also get 25% off your order from with the coupon code HOLIDAY25. Want to sample these fun flavors?

Here are a couple of deal ideas:

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