Garlic Press Rocker Silicon Garlic Peeler Stainless Steel Garlic Mincer Clove Crusher Masher Mincing Tool 2019 Innovative NEW Kitchen Gadget

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Product Description

Garlic press Rocker Clove press Clove mince tool Garlic minicing tool


Time &Energy Saving. Easy to use!!

Garlic is frequently used in most recipes. You may be tired of chopping garlic into tiny pieces with a kitchen knife. Even if you already have a traditional lever garlic press,still so many problem that isn’t satisfied. The traditional one is hard to use, require more strength, difficult to clean. Please try our new Innovative Rocking Garlic Press.

Yhtawoo garlic press allows you to mince garlic easily and efficient, With an additional free gift named silicone Garlic peeler, both help you greatly to get fresh minced garlic with ease and fun. Children also love to engage in preparing minced garlic, since it’s really easy and joyful to use..

Yhtawoo garlic press is made of Real 304 stainless steel +Durable ABS ergonomic handle, food-grade,solid built, anti-rust.

Extremely durable and safe to use.

Try Yhtawoo new innovative garlic press rocker.It helps Mincing Garlic So Easier and Faster!

Your Best Kitchen utensil to help you enjoying cooking with Ease & Fun!!!

Garlic press Rocker Clove Press Mincing tool

Garlic press Rocker Clove Press Mincing tool

Garlic press Rocker Clove Press Mincing tool

Silicone Garlic Peeler tube helps to peel the skin of garlic easily

Firstly separate the cloves into pieces & then peeling the garlic skin.

No need to peel the skin of the cloves with your hand by left smelly fingers.

Just take 2 seconds to finish the peeling.Really Time-saving kitchen tool.

High-quality food-grade silicone material .

BPA free!!!


1.Use our garlic peeler tube to Peel garlic skin

2.Vertically press down on the Peeled
clove,then Swing Back and Forth.

Energy-saving by using body weight

3.Use a normal spoon or scraper to get the
fresh minced cloves

4.Wash the garlic press under water tape
after mincing,then air-dry it.

Dishwasher also safe.

Main Important Tips:

1.Vertically press down on the cloves,and
then rock back and forth.

2.Much more labour-saving to mincing with a
lower countertop or table or any flat surface

3.Kids-friendly.Also easy for children to press
and rock the cloves,but make sure mincing
clove on a lower table by using body weight

4.If the garlic clove is too big,please cut it into

2 thinner pieces.

5.Practice makes perfect.You may not mince
the garlic well at the 1st time,but trust you’ll
love it after try more.It’s really an efficient
and useful kitchen gadget.

garlic press Rocker

A Must-Have Kitchen utensil for you!!


1.Crafted with food-grade Material.Real 304 Stainless Steel with BPA free ABS material handle.

2.Convenient and Easy to use.No more smelly Odor!Just peel, press, mince,Fresh garlic is well prepared,

Save energy & time, It’s the best garlic press for chef, foodie,housewife ,garlic lover etc.

3.Ergonomic design with Curved non-slip handle which is easy to grip and comfortable to hold.

4.Easy to clean and Easy for storage.Dishwasher safe.

Package:2-in-1 Gift BOX Packed.

1 x Garlic press Rocket

1 x Slicone Garlic Peeler

Very Efficient Garlic press that help you Enjoying delicious dishes Easier & Faster

delicious garlic press foodie

garlic press foodie delicious

delicious food

【EASY TO USE】.Yhtawoo New Garlic Press Rocker is ergonomically designed to process with minimal effort. Simply and Vertically place on top of garlic clove & rock back and forth, you can crush cloves with ease in seconds. Non-slip handle. No more Odor, simple to peel, press, mince, crush or even chop up garlic freshly, you will fall in love with the new garlic mincing tool
【TIME & LABOR SAVING】Require Minimum Hand Strength to Squeeze – STREAMLINED HANDLE provides ergonomic leverage, making garlic mincing easy and efficient. Even kids can handle the garlic press well. Shorten the meal preparing time.
【Food grade material &HIGH-QUALITY】100% Food-grade 304 stainless steel+ Super-quality ABS handle+ Silicone design, perfect kitchen tool for home and restaurant. Very durable, corrosion-resistant & No rust nor break. Best garlic press for chef, foodie, or garlic lover. A must-have garlic mincing tool.
【EASY TO CLEAN & STORE】DISHWASHER SAFE.Or rinse under the running water. Tips: Timely clean is needed to prevent residues from eroding the surface.No sharp edge. Kids-friendly design. Store any dry space to air dry the garlic press.
【Buy With Confidence】. 2-in-1 Gift BOX Packing.Including 1 x Garlic press+ 1 x Slicone Garlic Peeler .If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase,Please directly request a Full Refund or Replacement. Customer satisfaction is our priority.