Appraisal vs market value : RealEstate

Hi, this is the first of several likely posts. I’ve been reading and learning quite a bit here and appreciate you all!

Had my house appraised for divorce settlement, it came in at $405k. Ex had expressed interest in buying me out until the appraisal came back, then said he couldn’t afford it. He later said he’s spoken to “several realtors” who’ve said $325k is a better number. I’ve not shown my home to any realtors so I’m not sure how anyone can estimate value on a home they haven’t seen. Ex also pressed the appraiser about whether or not he truly believed it could sell for $405, the appraiser confirmed he in fact did and that if it were him, he’d list it at $425.

This was all a couple months ago before we did mediation. Last week ex sent me an offer of $330, that’s $118 a sq/ft and ridiculous in this sellers market. (As a side note, my settlement is the house profits)

Over valuing an appraisal to the tune of $80k is not a thing, right? I know there are discrepancies between appraisal and market value but certainly not to that degree, right?

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