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I am current 18 and I want to start getting my real estate license soon so I can get started early. In order to do that I want to intern for the best real estate agent possible in my area, but I’m not so sure what qualities to look for. I scouted this agent who had five stars on Google, I called him and asked to be an intern. He said he would contact his broker and let me know which they did. She got my name wrong in the email but whatever moving on, she said she will let me know who in the company needs an intern. So I guess I don’t know who I will be working for… but I emailed her saying that I am still scouting for real estate agents in my area because I told my sister (she’s a pharmacist soon to graduate) told me to cancel on her because she is working in the poor area of our city. She told me to find someone else who works in a rich area like insert here or insert here and get started on redfin or Zillow which I don’t even know what that means.. so I need help finding out what qualities should I look for in order to intern for the best possible real estate agent and also another thing, even though I asked to intern for that specific real estate agent, he sent my offer to a broker for the company, so do the real estate agents have a choice whether or not they get to choose an intern or just the company decide? Also he had a good rating (literally 5 out of 5) on Google and I was looking forward to working with him but if I do take his offer I will work for someone random since he sent my offer to the broker of the company he works for. Does the area a real estate agent work in matter? Or is it the same amount of work? Is there something different? (I know richer areas will pay more but still) I need help and thank you!

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