(Qty: 1) Mini USB LED Light, RGB Car LED Interior Lighting Kit, DC5V Smart USB LED Atmosphere Light, Laptop Keyboard Light Home Decoration Night Lamp (Color: Adjustable Brightnes, 8 Color Change)

Price: $15.99
(as of Dec 09,2019 16:04:56 UTC – Details)

Feature: All functions are set with one small button, by single click, double click, long click…
How to work? Install the light in DC5V car UBS port or adapter ( it better do not use it on power bank, the power bank may be cut off automatically when it can’t feel the output of such a small current), it only light up automatically in dark enviornment or when the light sensor hole is fully hided.
Tesla owner please notice: tesla model 3 still has weak current even the engine is off, that is why the light is still working. But it will shut off eventually when your car goes to deep sleep. i suggest you connect tesla company to consult how long will the power storage is fully over of the car.

Function 1:Set fixed color or 8 color in cyclic change. Click the light button lightly, set your favorite color from red/orange/yellow/green/cyan/blue/purple/white.
When you set color in white, to click button, 8 color will be in cyclic change;
Also you can restore setting by short click again if you like fixed color ( color will be switched from red, then you can set your favorite color.)

Function 2: Adjust the brightness brighter or darker by long pressing and release on the button by your preference.

Function 3: Set the brightness in gradient breathing mode by double click . Also you can restore setting by double click again if you like fixed brightness mode.

About after sale: This is a very smart light with multiple setting functions. If you have any question please be free to tell us, we will answer questions for you immediately to figure out the problems.

Single color breathing or 8 colors gradual breathing: it will light on and slowly dimming down and back up bright , with rhythm like breathing.
How to change color or 8 color in cyclic: set different color by single click, but please notice: only you keep to click again after white, it will be in 8 color cyclic change, the color will start from red-orange-yellow-..to white-red…in cycle.
How to set breathing mode: double click no matter in any color. If you want to cancle breathing mode, just set it by double click again.
How to set brightness: If you like stable color in fixed brightness, long click the button to switch the light dimmer or brighter.
How to work: connect to car usb port or DC5V adapter. BUT power bank is not suggested.