My mom is finally going to buy a home (How to not she’s not getting ripped off)? : RealEstate

My mom is in her 60’s… worked full-time since she was 20.

Her mother died and left a small home far away which she never lived in but will sell it for about 150k and try to buy a home in her area in California for about 3-400k (and make payments).

I am worried about a few things.

  1. I have read about some construction companies cutting corners and not being caught by inspectors. Is there a way to have these things checked after the home is already built?

  2. What if there is some problem after you move in, and it happens that the building wasn’t built correctly and needs huge work. Is there some liability to the person who sold it to you, or the company who built it? (And how do you find out who built it?)

  3. Is there anything we should know? (While I do read about it, there seems to be a lot).

Thank you.

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