Original 1900s stained glass window was “cut out from the inside” of the house I’m buying. Seller says they filed a police report… : RealEstate

But the fact that house has been empty sine summer with no issues, I just drove by it late the night before and it was fine, both myself and the seller live on the same street as this property, the door being “unlocked” and the seller trying to discourage me every step of the way just made question his story…aside from that, I’m legitimately gutted about the missing stained glass window.

So I called police department and I asked if a police report had been filed. They had nothing for the address in question and nothing for the address of the seller. Not only that, they had no record of any calls to my street since December 1st and supposedly, this “theft” happened yesterday, December 4th.

I know the seller is contractually obligated to maintain the home entirely as the way it was when our contract was executed so I’m honestly mind blown that he would pull something like this. I’m checking with a friend who works at the police department just to be double sure before I careen off this cliff of accusing my neighbor of breach of contract.

I’m not going to back out. Stained glass or not, this house is 100% worth pursuing. What are my options though? Do I close and then file a suit against the seller? Do I push him to file an insurance claim and pass it off as my lender requiring it? I know if I just ask for a police report number or something he’s going to play dumb and act like I don’t need it because he’s the owner still. So whatever I come up with, it has to have a sense of authority behind it, ie. The bank. I don’t know. I’ve never dealt with this before. Any advice?

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