Buying a House, Notice to Vacate, and Medical Emergency. Please Advise! : RealEstate

I’m very confused about what steps I should take and not even sure if this is the right sub.

Long story short: Went under contract on a house, experienced a severe medical emergency the next day and have been out of work but secondary income was all that was used for loan approval, huge medical bills piling up including costly prescriptions despite good insurance, struggling to deal with apartment.

Last week I asked the office manager if I could delay a week to pay December’s rent and final fees (I’m leaving lease early) so I could speak to realtor and reorder finances and she agreed (not in writing, I’m dumb) but warned me of the late fees. Today I came home with a notice to vacate within 3 days. Closing is next week. I have (had?) every intention of paying what I owed though I hoped to request a modified payment plan but now I have no idea what to do. I spoke with the office manager again and she stated only the lease mattered, not any conversation we had, and that I had three days to vacate and pay my bill. Apparently there is no option to pay and avoid being required to leave.

I’ve never paid a bill late in my life so this is humiliating for me, not to mention terrifying to grapple with the idea of being homeless for a week while also dealing with a medical issue. It’s hard to think clearly and rationally right now. I’ve tried to google and it seems like technically they can’t just throw me out on the street without a court order, but this notice to vacate still clearly says I need to be out in three days, plus I still owe X amount. Friends have told me to just ignore it, don’t pay, close on my house and turn in my keys and then address it all at a later date which would make it easier to negotiate a payment plan and maybe even a lower amount. Apparently this is a common method people use when having late payments? I’ve worked all the numbers and it doesn’t make financial sense to walk away from this house.

Please, I need good unbiased advice on what to do.

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