Best way to get dog urine out of the carpet to avoid apartment charges after move out? : RealEstate

We are looking for apartments/houses to rent with our shih tzu who is well potty trained but she excited pees here and there. Our first option is to try and get a hardwood floor but they are very limited so we might have to go with carpet. If we do end up getting a place with carpet, what is the best option for us to clean the carpet if our dog has any accidents? I have read a lot about Nature’s Miracle but I am not sure if that is the best option to avoid charges after we move out. We can buy a carpet shampooer from supermarket and clean the carpet ourselves or get someone to steam it before we move out but I want to see if that would be enough to get the carpet fixed? I have heard that apartments use black light to detect pee spots and charge pretty heavily. Any advice from someone who has ran into a similar situation would be very helpful. Thank you.

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