Which Is Better – A Mac Or a PC

Apple designers say the Mac will last longer for, it is built better than a PC. It has a uni-body enclosure made of a solid piece of aluminum. That makes their computer lighter and thinner. The face of the Mac is made of glass which gives it a polished look. The battery for their Mac book is said to last up to 10 hours when it is fully charged. The benefit of that for me would be longer time to work on my computer without the worry of trying to find a method to charge it back up. The Mac book has a multi touch track pad that gives you more options with than with the PC touch pad. They have a cool feature called the mag safe power connector. The power cord that is connected to your computer will break away if someone trips over the cord. This did happen to me my dogs were running around the house chasing each other around the house. I was sitting at the kitchen table working on the computer when the dogs ran behind my chair. The next thing that happened was my computer hit the ground. It broke one of the hinges and cracked my cover. Lucky for me the PC has a protective feature for the hard drive (smart hard drive protection) it will shut down the hard drive to save the information stored on it.

All Mac’s come with the latest technology, fast intel processors, high-performance graphics and high speed DDR3 memory. There warranty is a 1 year limited warranty with 90 days of free telephone support. There pricing on the Mac books start at 999.00 and go up to 2400.00.

The Computer that I decided to compare was an HP Pavdmt series for it was most like the Mac in features performance, memory. Both models had different sizes to look at but the HP had a larger variety of options so, you could personalize your note book to fit your particular needs. This particular model is light-weight and thin like the Mac book. The Hp was a tad bit lighter. If you are looking for something to tote around with you either one of these would fit the bill. The Hp has fast processors like the Mac does, they both have dual core processors to support more efficient operations and applications. Hp has 2.26ghz to 2.66 ghz. They both have high performance graphic cards for gaming with HP you choose which card based on what you will be using your computer for. HP has memory choices starting at 2gb DDR3 up to 8gb DDR3. So that can match the MAC as well. You have different choices in what type of hard drive you may need. Hp has protect smart hard drive protection which worked for me when my computer fell to the ground. Both computers have wireless networking that would suit anyone’s needs. The Hp warranty is 30 days free limited software and 1 year limited hardware. There pricing is 379.00 up to 995.00 as you can see the price is where the big difference comes in.

In my opinion both computers are really good it is just what you prefer to have. I believe whichever one that you choose you will be happy.

Source by Kimberly Varner