Typing Chinese Characters Using Pinyin in Mac OS X Yosemite

The following article will help you to install a Pinyin keyboard on your Mac.

It will also help you to use this Pinyin keyboard to type Chinese characters.

This is one input method to use, to type Chinese characters.

(Please note that you have to decide if you want to type using Traditional Chinese characters or Simplified Chinese characters. You can install both keyboards if you so desire.)

1. Go to System Preferences. It is located on your menu bar with your applications.

2. Select “Language and Region”.

3. Go to “Preferred Languages” on the left side of page. Click the “+” button underneath Preferred Languages.

4. A list will appear. Find and select the “Chinese, Simplified” or Chinese, Traditional input methods. Click “Add”.

5. Your preferred method will appear in the list of Preferred Languages.

6. Select “Keyboard Preferences” at the bottom.

7. Under Input Sources you will see a box to tick, all the way at the bottom. It says “Show input menu in menu bar”.

8. Tick this box, to make the input method visible in the menu bar.

9. You can switch between different input methods, from English to Pinyin, by using the menu bar at the top of your computer’s screen.

10. You also have the option of making a keyboard shortcut. Select the Shortcuts tab in the same window (Language Preferences).

11. Select Input Sources and tick the Select the previous input source.

12. Go to the right, to the end of the row, and by clicking on the shortcut you can highlight it.

13. When it is highlighted, hold your keyboard’s “command key” down and press the “Space bar”.

14. Now your shortcut is “Command” + Space. (You can always change this shortcut if you prefer another appropriate or more familiar shortcut.)

15. Pressing “Command and Space bar” will allow you to toggle between input methods. When pressing “Command and Space bar”, you will notice options like “English US” or “English British” and “Pinyin Simplified” or “Pinyin Traditional”. Just use the Space bar to jump to the desired input method.

16. When you type select this input method, type the Pinyin word, press Space bar and the character will appear. Select the correct character and continue to the next word.

Please note that you still have to select the correct character, that corresponds with the Pinyin typed. A good understanding of Chinese characters is necessary to recognize the exact and correct character.

Source by Daniel A Schoeman