How to Remove Duplicate Files – Mac Users Can Remove Duplicate Files and Fix a Slow Macbook Quickly

If there’s one thing every Apple user can relate to, it is the frustration of a slow Macbook. These laptops (and desktops) were at one point speed-demons, and now have trouble running several programs at the same time. The never-ending spinning beachball is a consistent sign that your computer needs to be cleaned up to get it running the way it used to. A big reason that Macs slow down to a crawl is the collection of duplicate files, be they music mp3s, e-mail messages, program files, font files, and hi-resolution photos. For those looking to remove duplicate files, mac computers need a simple, easy to use solution that is lightweight and cost-effective.

If your system is nearly filled with multimedia and other files, your system performance will suffer. People commonly have multiple versions of the same mp3, holiday photos, fonts, and more. One way to find duplicates manually is to open the folder that has the duplicates in it, and sort the files by name or by file size. This way, you will be able to view which files are duplicates, and can choose to delete the version you don’t want. Also, in the case of duplicate files, it’s often the case where there will be a (2) next to the second version of the photo or mp3, for example. If that’s the case, you can use the search or find feature to look for files with (2) in the name, and can delete the offending files that way. However, this manual method is not the fastest way to clear out duplicate files.

There needs to be a scanner that can easily locate and display all of these files for you in a byte-to-byte comparison method. The best software will compare various attributes to make sure that the file that you need to keep stays in your system, and the ones you don’t are either backed up or deleted. It seems that users of Macbooks in particular seem to use more programs and store more files, which is why they are commonly the users looking for a duplicate file removal software.

There are additional options for Apple fans when it comes to getting rid of duplicate mp3s, photos, fonts, program files, and e-mails. The software that I choose is easy to use, has an intuitive user interface, and uses a Wizard system to conduct the most common duplicate removal tasks. There is also an advanced mode to get as specific as you need to when locating and deleting the files you don’t need.

My roommate’s Macbook Pro was performing unbelievable slow, and I found that running a duplicate file remover made a significant difference in the speed. He’s happy that his laptop is fast again, and I’m happy that I don’t have to hear him complaining about spinning beach balls.

If you are a mac user looking to remove duplicate files, then take a look at the software that I use.

Source by Steve W. Gilbert