[Florida] Electrical repair issue in residential rental

My wife and I recently moved into a new rental house about two months ago. Everything was fine except one electrical outlet in the master bedroom that didn’t work. I talked to the landlord about it and he agreed to fix it. He came out, opened the outlet and then decided it was over his head. He asked me to find an electrician and pass them off to him so he could get them set up to come out and fix the problem.

I found an electrician and called the landlord to let him know. Upon hearing the price estimate, he decided he’d like to take another try at fixing the outlet. I agreed. That about a month ago. Every time I ask him when he’s planning to come fix the outlet, he tells me “sometime next week”.

What are my rights in this situation? Am I able to get the outlet fixed out of my own pocket and deduct the cost from the next rent payment? Do I need to start registering my rent with the clerk of the court until the landlord fixes the issue? Can the landlord retaliate against us by evicting us for this?

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated!

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